If you’re wondering what those itchy rashes on the creases on your knees or elbows are. If you’re experiencing red or inflamed skin, or if your skin is dry, itchy cracked or broken and appears to be thickened, there’s a good chance you’re suffering from eczema.


Now before we discuss the symptoms a bit more, it’s important for us to define what eczema is and what the cause of it is. So essentially, eczema or dermatitis, refers to an inflamed and itchy skin conditions. It can develop basically anywhere on your body although some areas of the body are known to be more susceptible or prone to eczema than others. Various types of eczema exist, but the most common one is called “atopic eczema”.

The Most Common Eczema Symptoms

As aforementioned, atopic eczema is an inflamed and itchy skin condition typically affects areas of the body where there are creases in the skin. Such areas include the backside of the knees and the insides of your elbows. However, eczema can also develop in the chest, neck and even face. So again, if some parts of your skin are itchy, inflamed and appear reddish, there’s a good chance that you will eventually develop rashes, thickened and broken skin if you keep on scratching and left them untreated.

Eczema is not infectious so you don’t have to worry about passing it on to someone else. Eczema is not caused by viruses or bacteria but rather some form of defect in the production of a particular skin protein; namely filaggrin. Some experts also believe that eczema is hereditary, meaning that you can inherit eczema and also pass it on to your children.

If you’re living with eczema, no need to worry about it too much. Although the accepted belief in conventional medicine states that eczema is incurable, there are natural alternatives and approaches that have been proven to cure eczema completely and safely.

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