“Is psoriasis contagious?” I’m really sick and tired of having to answer the same thing over and over again, and if you’re living with psoriasis, I’m sure you can relate. I mean it’s bad enough to have people constantly stare at my lesions or being told by some idiot in the swimming pool to “get out of the water, please,” like I’m some kind of a leper, but having to deal with this question over and over again really piss me off!

I don’t even know why I’m writing this, I mean it’s not like I’m going to achieve anything by publishing this rant. I mean maybe it’s me, but people can be so annoying at times. I mean is it too much to ask to just keep your insensitive and uninformed remarks to yourself?

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For the GAZILLIONth time: Psoriasis is not contagious! It’s a condition related to the immune system, it isn’t caused by some virus or bacteria! That means I can’t pass my condition on to you nor can you catch this condition from me or anyone else for that matter!

psoriasisSimply put, psoriasis occurs when the immune system is somehow triggered to speed up the growth cycle of skin cells. Skin cell normally matures in a month’s time and is then discreetly shed from the surface unnoticed, psoriatic skin cell however only takes like 3 to 4 days to mature and move to the surface which creates the cells to pile-up and form elevated red lesions.

So the next time you see someone with psoriasis, please refrain from giving them unwanted attention. While I’m sure that most people would react with the best of intentions, it’s really difficult for us living with psoriasis to deal with your unsolicited attention.

So let me clarify one final time the answer to the ever annoying question of; “Is psoriasis contagious?“the answer is and will always a be a resounding NO! Get this through to your head; psoriasis is not contagious!

That’s it, I’m done. See you in the next post.

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