Stretch marks show up as your body grows faster than your skin. This causes the elastic fibers beneath the skin surface to break and resulting stretch marks. For you, women, especially those who are going to pregnant, must have known that their pregnancy will cause give them stretch marks. When you get pregnant, you gain approximately about 30 pounds during that 9 months pregnancy. Growing that fast can give you stretch marks, particularly on your breasts and belly. Pregnancy stretch marks begins as red stripes and will change to silvery gradually. They are a normal result which are visible around the abdomen, stretching out to accompany a growing belly, more what stretch marks read here..

stretch marks during pregnancy

About 90% of women will have stretch marks after six or seven months of pregnancy. Apart from pregnancy, stretch marks can be also caused through genetic aspect. If your mother had stretch marks, then you have a big possibility to have them too.

However, you don’t have to be worry as this can be prevented or at least you can minimize your possibility to have long stretch marks which are circling around your abdomen. Now, how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy?

Here are five ways on how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

1) Keep Your Body Hydrated

Water works to detoxify your body and protects your skin cells curvaceous. It makes your skin healthier and more potential prevent stress caused by stretch marks.

  • Drink herbal tea. Drinking teas without caffeine will keep your body stay hydrated and can vanish your boredom drinking only mineral water every day.
  • Consume watery vegetables and fruits. It is a great way to hydrate your body if you consume vegetables which contain much water. Instead of eating baking baked desserts, watermelon, strawberries and other watery fruits would be good options to hydrate your body.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day.

2) Having exercise during pregnancy

Exercising can be helpful to improve your body’s circulation and retain skin’s elasticity. In addition, exercising will also prevent you from gaining too much weight, which is able to keep you away from stretch marks. The following ways are the exercise you should do daily:

  • Stretches and other simple movements can keep your blood moving and make you comfortable during pregnancy.
  • Try low-impact exercise like pregnancy yoga. Yoga gives you an amazing workout without asking you to move that may feel uneasy while you are pregnant.

3) Don’t use rough chemicals on your skin

A lot of body washes contain sulfates. It can make your skin dry and reduce its elasticity gradually. A cleanser which made from natural oils will hydrate your skin.

  • It may not be too important to use a cleanser on your skin, particularly if it only makes your skin dry. Wash your skin with warm water and let it dry.
  • Another oils which can act as a cleanser is coconut oil. Scrub it to your skin, rinse with warm water and use towel to pat your skin until dry.

4) Moisturize your skin

It is very important to moisturize your skin area where you might get stretch marks. Use a product which is particularly made for women or choose natural oil because usual lotion will not hydrate your skin enough.

  • Moisturize your skin after showering in the morning and at night. If you feel itchy when your skin is being stretched, it is a sign to add more lotion or moisturizer in that area.
  • Cocoa Butter, almond oil and Bio oil are famous oils and effective options to moisturize your skin during pregnancy.

5) Treat your stretch marks

If you still end up with stretch marks, which can possibly occur even if you take preventive actions, treat them while they still recently appear. Implement some creams or lotion which contain glycolic acid to your sides skin, abdomen, and wherever the stripes have emerged. If such lotion products just aren’t changing anything, laser treatments for stretch marks purification would be last and another effective choice. More about stretch mark treatment can be found in this post or this post (home remedies).

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