Today we’ll talk about eczema in general and how it can affect your skin. We’ll also talk a bit about a natural method of treating eczema that will allow you to eliminate eczema discomfort, itching, pain and embarrassment once and for all. In the next 5 minutes or so, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of eczema, the root causes and the environmental factors that can aggravate and accelerate its symptoms, also other eczema info.

You are also going to learn where typical treatments steer your wrong and most importantly you will know: How to vanish your eczema, once and for all, with three simple, natural and shockingly easy steps.

Overview: What is Eczema?

So what is eczema anyway? Dermatitis, also known as Eczema is a non-contagious, chronic state of dry and irritated skin. Approximately 10 – 20% of the world’s population is estimated to develop atopic dermatitis. This form of eczema is regarded to have a genetic link and is observed to run in families. It may also be linked to illnesses such as hay fever and other allergic reactions.

Eczema symptom

Approximately 50% of children who develop atopic dermatitis will continue to experience symptoms of some sort into their adulthood. It affects both males and females equally, as well as people from different ethnic backgrounds.
Although the condition is chronic, skin may not itch at all times but bothersome patches may flare up.

Common sites for flare up

In infants common sites for flare ups include:
• Scalp
• Face
• Cheeks

While in adolescence & adults, flare ups tend to occur in the following:
• Extremities
• Inside the elbows
• Behind the knees
• Ankles
• Wrists
• Face
• Neck
• Chest

In some cases eczema may appear around the eyes and eyelids. Eczema may also lead to rash as a result of rubbing or scratching bothersome skin. Sometimes rash appears without aggravations from touching and scratching. Skin may appear swollen, weepy in the case of infants and kids, or scaly and dry, which is most common for adult skin.

What are the causes of atopic eczema?

Experts say that people with eczema are born with it – it is a genetically inherited condition. It can be worsened with exposure to external or environmental factors such as pollen or pet fur, and internal factors such as hormone levels and stress.

However, most medical experts agree that the problem arises from a combination of the following:
1. An overactive, hyper-sensitive immune system response
2. Abnormally low levels of ‘essential amino-acids’
3. A overly-toxic body

And while that may be true, there’s one shocking little fact you should know: Recently, a major medical institute conducted a scientific analysis on 3,527 10-year + eczema sufferers aged from 25 to 65. And in this study, a shocking discovery was made.
Apparently 93.5% of the participants shared all 3 of the root causes of eczema. What’s more, unless BOTH the toxicity AND amino-acid issues are treated FIRST, the immune system will continue to ‘over-react’ resulting in nasty eczema outbreaks.

The eczema treatments – Medical vs Natural

Medical Treatments?

Because there is no cure for atopic dermatitis, treatment is aimed at relieving symptoms and reducing discomfort. Lotions and ointments aim to moisturize and hydrate dry skin.
Antibiotics and ointments may be used to reduce infection and anti-inflammatory are used to reduce swelling caused by the disorder.

Other common forms of treatment include:
• Phototherapy – such as controlled exposure to tanning beds and UV lamps.
• Cold compress to sooth inflamed skin
• Corticosteroids cream and ointment

Those who suffer from atopic dermatitis will go to nearly any length to find relief from the sometimes-constant discomfort they experience.

Natural, Homeopathic Treatments?

As you’ve read by now there is no cure for dermatitis of any form, at least not a conventional medical cure. As previously mentioned, typical medical recommendations may be the prescription of expensive ointments and creams, or sometimes, oral antibiotics or cortisones that seek to reduce inflammation and pain are prescribed.

Fortunately, a natural and permanent relief is available through our Three Step Method.

Our natural and proven method will allow you to quickly and easily implement the 3-main all-natural steps that will immediately stop eczema! 1 secret 5-minute step that REVERSES and ERASES all scarring caused by your eczema!
To learn more on how our highly potent Three Step Method can help you get rid of your persistent eczema condition, please read more at eczema category first. We have tons of articles on various skin disorders and diseases at your disposal.

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