Dry scalp is a common condition of the scalp. We are all born with the potential to have a glorious head of hair. Our hair and scalp are supposed to be healthy in our natural state, but why is it that so many of us are suffering instead from itchy, flaky dry scalp and brittle lack-luster hair with straw like split ends, and sometimes even thinning patches?

Not surprisingly, many people suffer self-esteem issues when they suffer from hair and scalp problems.

dry scalp

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The basic chemical make-up of hair is keratin, a strong protein that also makes nails. Each strand of hair comes to the end of its natural life from between two and seven years when the hair is released from the follicle and new hair grows in its place. All of this cycle is going on without us even realizing it.

Now dry scalp by itself is not that big of a deal, but oftentimes this condition leads to a more serious and noticeable conditions such as severe itching, flaky scalp and even heavy hair loss. Specifically, the itching and flakes can last for several years and even a lifetime if left untreated.

Join me as I discuss what causes dry scalp, what its symptoms and triggers are. I’ll also share with you the secrets of how to naturally and safely restore your scalp and hair to their natural and beautiful condition.

What is dry scalp?

Dry scalp is a condition that has several possible causes, but all of them leave the sufferer with an itchy, irritated scalp and dry, parched looking hair.

Lack of sufficient lubricating oils makes hair dry and flyaway. When too much of the scalp’s natural oil has been removed, the hair will not have a shiny or glossy appearance. Seeing dullness in the hair may be one of the early signs of dry scalp.

A dry scalp will often be very itchy. The intensity of the itch may range from an occasional tingle to a constant, maddening itch, depending on the severity and cause of the dry scalp. Scratching the itch may lead to a worsening of the condition by irritating the skin. Intense scratching may even break the skin and lead to infection. As itching and scratching intensify, chronic scratching of the scalp may become an unsightly habit.

What causes dry scalp?

Though the end product is the same (i.e Dry Scalp), there’s really no single cause of dry scalp; meaning that the cause of Dry Scalp may differ from person to person. But essentially, dry scalp can be caused by one of the following:

• Hormonal changes
• Unhealthy dietary pattern
• Vitamin E deficiency

For treatment to be effective, the cause of dry scalp on an individual must be determined. A successful diagnosis of a particular cause of dry scalp can help direct you in seeking the proper treatment.

Apart from the generally known causes I’ve just mentioned, there’s actually a more serious cause of dry scalp. Did you know that 90% of the “off the shelf” scalp treatments also contain ingredients that CAUSE itchy dry scalps?
It’s true, and that’s why results from leading shampoo solutions are only temporary (and often make it worse).

Here’s just one example: Sodium laureth/lauryl sulphate (SLS)

Sounds like just another ingredient, right?

WRONG. It’s an aggressive cleaning and foaming agent commonly used as an engine degreaser.

SLS has been proven to strip oils from and prematurely age your skin, damage eye membranes, retard healing, inhibit hair follicle growth and more. Yet it’s added to 90% of shampoos!

What about the treatments?

I’m not going to beat around the bush here: Natural homeopathic treatment is the way to go! Carcinogens are a bad idea!

There are dozens of natural solutions to a dry, irritated and itchy scalp. But what works for one person may not necessarily work for you. The key is locating the cause of your specific problem and applying the appropriate remedy. These natural remedies article are available on our www.skinversal.com, you’ll also find articles on various skin disorders and diseases and their corresponding treatments at your disposal.

SkinVersal is best resources for finding dry scalp and hair causes and treatments on the net! Find out how you can have a healthy scalp and hair!.

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