What exactly is the best oil for dry scalp and dandruff? Having problem with your hair, scalp, or anything in relation to dandruff can be so stressful and frustrating. Many people often attempt to find the very best solution to eliminate this problem. So, what is it? Could certain oil really be useful to take you free from dry scalp and dandruff? But first of all, let me remind you what dry scalp and dandruff actually are and some treatments which have been trusted as alternative to get rid of dry scalp and dandruff.

What are dry scalp and dandruff?

dry-scalp-flakes-dandruffHave you ever encounter a little snowy flakes which cover your black shirt? That probably comes from scalp and that symptom is commonly known as dandruff. Dandruff flakes are actually dead skin cells that constantly fall off the scalp and the more you scratch, the more flakes there will be. While dry scalp is dry skin on the scalp can cause scaly flakes. There is an assumption that dandruff is synonymous with dry scalp, but both dry scalp and oily scalp can cause overage cells to fall off and form white flakes.

Five necessary treatments

There are several alternative treatments to get rid of dry scalp and dandruff, and the following are the most well-known ones;

1. Deep treatment with eggs. Deep treatment is conditioner on steroid. But why eggs? Well, eggs are known to be high in protein, so it’s only natural to use them as one of way of treating our hair (which coincidentally are also made of protein).

2. Mayonnaise treatment. Mayonnaise is made primarily out of eggs and oil, so it’s quite similar to the deep treatment featured in number 1.

3. Honey treatment. Use honey as your conditioner, despite of its stickiness, it can be mixed into an incredible conditioner if you know what you’re doing. But I’ll reveal the further steps to you later.

4. You must be careful of the products that you buy for your hair. Shampoos and conditioners containing harsh chemical substances, such as sodium lauryl sulfate, could excessively irritate and dry your hair. Be careful!

5. The last treatment is a deep treatment with oil. For this deep treatment, try to seek out virgin coconut oil, although olive oil will also work well.

From all of the treatments above, let us focus on the fifth treatment, which is a deep treatment with oil. It was mentioned that a virgin coconut out and olive oil will work well in eliminating your dry scalp and dandruff. Why coconut oil?

coconut oil for dry scalp and dandruff

Coconut oil is believed enable you to get rid of dandruff because it works as a solid moisturizer, which can also be useful to abolish your dry scalp. This is the reason why hot coconut oil treatments are often prompted to women with coarse hair types. Coconut oil is also thought to possess antifungal properties, which is another reason why it could be an excellent treatment for dandruff.

Now let me explain to you how to use this coconut oil as your treatment;

In using the oil, you will only need to use a small amount of the coconut oil. One to two teaspoons of coconut oil should be enough to remove the dandruff. If you use it too much, it can be hard to rinse it out and could cause your hair to look oily or greasy.

Put the coconut oil into your scalp and massage it gently. Keep in mind that you are treating the scalp instead of your hair, which is one of the mistakes that some people always make when trying this oil treatment. Massage the oil into the scalp with your fingertips, rather than scratching the scalp with your nails. If you do it with your nails, it may cut or harm your scalp.

After that cover your head with a towel and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Don’t forget to thoroughly rinse the hair out, using a deep moisturizing conditioner if it’s needed. As you may need to do a coconut oil dandruff treatment several days in a row at first, eventually, you are supposed to be able to conduct it only once a week after your dandruff is under control.

If your friends or probably your family and relatives keep questioning what the best oil for dry scalp and dandruff is, you have got your the answer already, which is coconut oil. I’m stressing it again, do treat your dry scalp and dandruff routinely and follow the directions step by step.

However, as it has been explained above, that coconut oil may not be the only treatment in getting rid of your dry scalp and dandruff, there are many treatments you could use. There is still another way to eliminate it if this one does not work for you.

dry scalp

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